Thursday, 21 February 2013

all about me!

Hey I'm Shannon I'm 14 and I'm from the South-East of England!
I've wanted to create a blog for such a long time but I always put it off until now! Lots of people like Sammie from beautycrush and Zoe from zoella have inspired me to start a blog. I've been watching youtube videos for about 3 years now and here are a few of my favorites: the ugly face of beauty, the Persian babe, zoella, beautycrush, sunbeams Jess, dolly bow bow, so totally vlog to name a few!
Because it's my first YouTube post I thought I would do a get to know me type thing!:D

1) My name is Shannon
2) I live in a small town outside west London
3) I love shopping
3) I recently started gymnastics
4) Watching youtube videos are one of my favourite things to do
5) I love watching makeup tutorials
6) I love the colors blue, mint green, lilac, navy, burgundy and black
7) Topshop, Urban outfitters, American apparel and ebay are my favourite shops
8) I love reading
9) I listen to music all the time
10) I love strawberry milkshake, strawberry ribena, fanta fruit-twist, exotic juice drink from tesco and coke!
11) I love baking
12) I have no idea what I want to be when I'm older
13) I really want to go to London fashion week and reading festival when I'm older
14) My birthdays on the 23rd September
15) I love roses
16) I have a younger brother called Robin who's 3 years younger than me
17) My favourite lessons are English and Food tech
18) I'm currently picking my GCSE options
19) I love going to bricklane and camden
20) Here's what I look like!!
Thankyou for reading love shannon x

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